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Who Is TeachCourage?

Hi there, Carol, AKA TeachCourage, here, and WELCOME to my website.  As I reflect on who I am, I am unsure where to begin.  I am currently a 62-year-old retired educator, and I am in my second-lifetime career.

TeachcourageHow did she start out?

In my life, I have progressed from Systems Analyst in a large multi-national insurance company, all the while studying for my dream career of teaching, obtained a Master’s Degree in English with a Secondary Education emphasis, to teaching 6th grade language arts at one of the premier school districts in the United States.

I began teaching middle school in 2003, and am still very passionate about education.  In 2019 I found another passion.  Streaming on Twitch!

What is she up to nowadays?

I love being able to help other people to become streamers as well.  I have grown a positive and uplifting channel on Twitch, that has grown substantially since inception, and love sharing my positivity with everyone.

I am now a very passionate retired teacher, and love sharing my passion about much more…new friends, learning more about myself than ever before, and setting new goals each and every year.

Blessings and Love!

Come join me and ride the high seas when I am playing Sea of Thieves.  Or help me in the epic battles of Stream Raiders.  You may meet surprising and lovable personalities like Memaw, or Kharites (pronounced care-it-tees).  Once in a while my hubby shows up, his name is Mister GoodTools and he has a whole different presence online with his powertool business.