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Dear Friends,

My earlier Tweet about no longer being a SoT Partner has generated some comments I feel are due to me not being more specific.  For all who know me, you know I would never intentionally bring hatred to anything or anyone. Honestly, long story short, I reached the achievement of Sea of Thieves (SoT) Partner by hitting the appropriate numbers as were in the guidelines. End of story. In January, SoT made some changes to requirements for their reasons which I’m not going to go into. Not only do you have to achieve the number of watch hours, you are supposed to maintain them.  I DID NOT MAINTAIN THEM. Therefore, and justifiably so, I lost the partnership. Honestly, they should have contacted me months ago to make the arrangements. The fact is, I didn’t achieve the new guidelines and do not have the right to be a partner.

SoT/RARE has my gratitude and appreciation for a number of reasons. First, if it hadn’t been for SoT I would not have started gaming OR streaming. My son Sornicus, was the reason I fell in love with the game. Because of that, I learned to game, bought the whole set up, and started streaming. And I’m more than grateful for that beginning. No regrets.  Upon achieving Twitch Partner, and due to other personal reasons, I started streaming SoT much less, and eventually, stopped. I am where I am due to one person, and one game. I honestly feel that way.

Our world has so much hate in it, it actually hurts my heart to see some things being said based on my original post. I have no regrets. I don’t think that way. I am where I am and all things put me here. Whatever your opinions are of the game, are of course yours. But I honestly do not want my original Tweet to spark that kind of response so I felt it necessary to post this expanded explanation.  I am NOT the only Partner to lose the Partnership for the same reasons. Some didn’t wait for the “message” and bowed out early on. I chose to wait to see if my situation would improve. It did not, so when contacted, I bowed out, gracefully, or so I thought.

Thank you all so very much for your support but I am not angry, or spiteful, and I have no negative thoughts whatsoever toward Rare or SoT specifically. I worked hard to achieve something, reached my goal, then the rules changed as often times they do. Life is like that. Please love one another and know that you are all amazing.

Blessings and love to all! Teachcourage xo

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